EXCLUSIVE: This is what Guru Randhawa has to say about remixes!

Guru Randhawa is an Indian singer and songwriter from Punjab, India. Guru Randhawa is known for his tracks like ‘Patola’ song, he also sang in the 2017 Indian Premier League opening ceremony. He composed and sang for films like HINDI MEDIUM, TUMHARI SULU, DIL JUUNGLEE, SONU KE TITU KI SWEETY AND BLACKMAIL.

His latest single 'Made in India' was launched a week back and people are loving and grooving to the tunes of the song.

In an exclusive conversation with Guru Randhawa he spoke in length about his journey in Bollywood, whom does he wish to lend his voice too and what’s his take on remixes.

Excerpts from the interview:

Tell us about your new song made in India! The process of composing and writing the lyrics
Whenever I compose my songs I try and ensure I don’t repeat my tunes and try different beats. Even for Made in India, I have tried and explored new chords and a few beats that I have added is basically my voice that sounds like a flute. When I got the final composition most final programming, I asked Bhushanji to hear the song and he instantly liked it. Immediately the team and I started working on video concepts

You shot in a beautiful city of Milan, how was the experience?
It is my first ever video to be shot in Milan, it’s a beautiful city and it was an incredible experience. The colors, textures, and frames we were hoping to see in the video have come out impressive

You have sung so many songs and all are hit numbers which are your most favorite one.
Each and every song requires the same amount of hard work and effort. I love all my songs as they all have been straight from the heart.

You are one of India’s artist to feature on Billboards top 25, tell us something about it
I'm living the dream with Lahore entry in Billboard. I think Independent music is already doing well so nowadays and it is a great feeling to make a global appeal with my songs. My entire team and fans who loved Lahore are feeling very proud of our entry in world charts. It's a feeling of a lifetime

All your songs give a Punjabi touch, any other genre you would want to explore?
I always compose music taking inspiration from everyday lives so that global audience can easily connect with the essence of the music that is being portrayed. If something interesting comes way, why not.

You have recomposed your tracks for Hindi films, but now there is a trend of recreating old numbers. What do you think about it?
Till the audience and fans are enjoying those remakes, I think it's okay.

Who are your favorite singers and composers?
AR Rahman, Salim Suleiman and Bruno Mars

Which actor would you want to lend your voice too or compose for?
I've been fortunate to be the voice for leading Bollywood stars. Soon I will lend my voice/song 'High Rated Gabru' pictured on Varun Dhawan.

 What are your upcoming songs?
Currently, soaking in the love for 'Made In India'. Have quite some songs in the pipeline for this year, shall reveal with the time is right.