Exclusive Varun Sharma: I want to do a biopic on Yuvraj Singh!

Varun Sharma is riding high on the success of FUKREY RETURNS and also his character Choocha was loved by one and all.

After the stupendous success of FUKREY RETURNS we met the actor and during the candid conversation Varun spoke about his role in the film and revealed how different Varun is from Choocha. The actor also spoke about his upcoming films and much more.

Talking about how different he is from Choocha in real life he said, “Varun is serious and shy, while Choocha has his déjà choo moments. I am more focused I wanted to be an actor since so long. I don’t open up easily, Choocha does. Though there are lots of similar things as well but we have lots of differences.”

Talking about his next film in which he will be working with Govinda, the actor shared, “It’s nice working with him, I am a huge fan of Govinda and its fun dancing with him and shaking leg. I watched his film SHOLA AND SHABNAM and since then I am his fan.”

As everyone is into biopics we asked Varun if given a chance whose biopic would be want to do and he replied, “I want to do a biopic on Yuvraj Singh.”

Check out the full video below: