EXCLUSIVE! Vivek Oberoi: Box office numbers are fun facts to play with!

EXCLUSIVE! Vivek Oberoi: Box office numbers are fun facts to play with! news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 28 Jun 2017 15:57:34.0670000 IST

Vivek Oberoi has entertained us for years. He tickled our funny bones with some amazing comedy films like GRAND MASTI, GREAT GRAND MASTI and few more, while he made us fall in love with movies like SAATHIYA and also showed his rebellious style & action avatar in COMPANY and SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA.

Vivek is father to two kids and an amazingly adorable husband who likes to keep his personal life private.

Being experimental with his work, Vivek will now be seen in Amazon prime’s web series ‘Inside Edge’ which show the life of people involved with CCL.

In an exclusive conversation with Vivek Oberoi, he spills beans on his role in web series, why box office numbers don’t matter to him and what makes him keep his personal life private.

Excerpts from the interview:


Tell us about the web series ‘Inside Edge’?
I play Vikrant Dhawan who believes he is the master of the universe he creates. The web series shows insight on match fixing, betting, murder, sex, scandal, his power is his drug. He makes sure he gets what he wants. We talk about betting match fixing but this shows gives us some deeper insight on how it goes about.

Is it inspired by anyone’s life?
No comments!

What made you take up this role?
I am thrilled and excited to play this role. It’s something very different that I haven’t done before.

Do you like cricket?
I love cricket and I watch it as well.

How much did you research for your role?
I did a lot of research on my end.

As there are too many actors vouching for web series, there is a competition here don’t you feel the same?
I am a debutant in web series (laughs) the market is right here. It’s a great market. There are so many people who own a smart phone and have the access they can surely see it.

"I am a protective father"

Tell us about the run time and number of episodes in the film?
There are 10 episodes of 45 minutes each.

Do box office numbers matter to you?
No, it doesn’t at all. I don’t think about numbers. It’s my job as an actor to entertain and I do that. I don’t bother about success and failure nothing is permanent. What are box office numbers? Just fun facts to play with!

You always keep your family and kids away from social media, why so?
They are too young and my films my bullets and guns they are too violent. I am protective father. As of now I want my family life to be private but I don’t know about the future.

How do you take Social media trolls?
I ignore it!

Will you be continuing with adult comedies?
I will take a call, once I am offered a script.

Forthcoming projects?
I am doing a Tamil film will tell you when I am ready to talk about it.