Exclusive: Will RJ Siddharth take up acting like Malishka?

RJ Siddharth Mishra is an engineer by default, a communication professional by chance and a radio jockey by choice. Not many know that RJ Siddharth is an avid writer and theatre enthusiast too. He has his own theater production through his own group called ‘Zaahir’ where he is the founding member and has directed several award winning plays like ‘Final Solutions’, ‘Spiral Bound’, ‘Hatt Teri Kismat’ and ‘Kaali Salwar’ and many more.

As an RJ, Siddharth is currently hosting a breakfast show host on 92.7 Big FM from 7-10 am. Apart from that, he is also hosting another new one titled ‘Film Aaj Kal’ which is aired on Sunday 4 – 6 pm. which features filmmakers and artists as guests talking about two different films and interesting facts while making these.

When asked him how he turned RJ, coming from an engineering background, to which Sidharth said, “I never really planned on being an RJ. After I finished my course at MICA, I started working for an advertising firm, worked with many people in between and then soon I got a call from Big FM saying that they wanted me on board. After a while, I became a producer and then my bosses pushed me to into RJing. I thought I should give it a shot, and this is how I became an RJ and started hosting.

As RJs are now turning into actors (for instance RJ Malishka turned actor for TUMHARI SULU), we asked Sid if he too wants to try his hands on acting to which he said, “No nothing of that sort I have in mind. I would want to write scripts for theater. I am more inclined towards it. I don’t intend to act, with due respect to RJ turning actor I wouldn’t want to walk the path.”

Lastly when asked what kind of research goes into writing a script, Sid avers, “As an RJ, I have found research is very important. It may take an extensive amount of time, but if you do it, just because you have to do a show. For me, even theater helps me extensively in interacting with different people, and at times this serves as my research.”

Here’s wishing Rj Siddharth all the very best for his future endeavors!

RJ Siddharth Mishra
RJ Siddharth Mishra