EXCLUSIVE: Won't be surprised if I encounter a ghost, says Sharman Joshi

EXCLUSIVE: Won't be surprised if I encounter a ghost, says Sharman Joshi news
Shaheen Irani By Shaheen Irani | 09 May 2016 17:27:31.2870000 IST

Changing his image with HATE STORY 3 and now being featured in a horror movie 1920: LONDON, Sharman Joshi sure is in the mood to experiment. The actor had a fun, exclusive brief chat relating to the movie.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:


What was the experience like when working with Meerra after GANG OF GHOSTS?
Meerra is a very easy co-star to work with. It was lot of fun. Tinu is also a very young, excited director. We shot in London and Leeds (on the outskirts of London). It was great location, weather and of course great material to work on. It was a lovely experience. Also Leeds has a square which is also the location near London. That square was pretty much the life of Leeds. We got the sense of owning and have fond memories with Leeds. I really want to go back there somewhere for a personal visit.

Meerra said the movie was originally made as a love story and horror was added later on...
No, no, no. I'm sure what Meerra meant to say is that along with the supernatural thriller, there's a very intense love story which is complex. When we went there to shoot, Vikram asked us to make a great love story. If the love story works, then everything will fall into place.

Did you face a horrifying experience? Any spooky ones on the sets?
I've not had any experience. I would like to someday because I believe in spirits and ghosts. My grandmother has told me stories of her supernatural experiences, but maybe nothing real. Could be a figment of her imagination. Sometimes you're just petrified by your surroundings and feel something. I won't be surprised if I encounter a ghost and once I do, then I don't think I'll be fearful.

What is the one thing in your character which made you choose it?
It's not just one thing. The journey of this character is very complex and has many shades for me to portray as an actor. From where he begins to eventually going on to become the person he is, that was very enticing.

Now that you've started directing plays, can we also see you directing Bollywood movies soon?
No I'm not capable of being a film director. I don't have that vision or power. Theatre has the limitation of being performed on a stage, which is lesser physical space needed. The play I am directing is not that much of a visual journey, but is performance-oriented.

"Would be a prankster ghost"

What would you do when you see a ghost?
I don't know actually. I have a feeling I'll be calm, focused and deal with it. I don't know how because that depends on the situation. I'll try to get out of the situation unaffected.

If you were to be a ghost, what kind of it would you be?
A prankster ghost. Just trouble people and have a great day at their expense, which I don't generally do. Guess I don't have to follow human values and principles then and have a great time.

What is the one thing that can scare you enough?
My children getting hurt scares me now-a-days.

What do you think about receiving awards?
It holds no value for me. I don't believe there's any body which has principles, ethics and morals of selection. Awarding people isn't very transparent and it's not something I respect.

In WAJAH TUM HO, can we see you explore more of the erotic genre? Since in my last interview you said that you'd want to show some more...
Yeah, but not in this movie. Hopefully somewhere else.