Rajini fans take over multiplex in city for 2.0

Finally, the day has arrived, Thalaiva has hit the theaters with 2.0 and it is already getting an overwhelming response from the fans. Superstar Rajinikanth, no wonder like always has made his fans crazy through his actions, films, and style. The star at this age too keeps the caliber to impress his fans with his films each year. And it has always been that Rahni has worked in high budget films playing the role of most simple role to a high headed don. Rajni has made his fanbase not only in India but also has spread his aura across the globe.

His film 2.0 had naturally gained a mass appeal, as for them watching Rajini as Chitti yet again is a mega treat. Rajini is also blessed with a massive fan base showering love over him. As the film released today, like each year fans, gathered at a multiplex early morning in Mumbai and celebrated the release of the movie by preaching the lord in temples and praying for the high success of the film. Grooving over the beats of the dhols and trumpets, fans could not resist without showering their love and respect for fans. The euphoria that surrounds the release of a Rajinikanth starrer is unmatchable. Fans have been queueing up outside the theaters from as early as 5 am. Families who call themselves Rajinikanth loyalists are there with their toddlers who are being conditioned to the Rajini religion. As per reports, a Rajini Rath Yatra had been organized outside a theater in Wadala. There was even a procession with shehnais and percussions where fans burst crackers on the roads. This, by definition, is a festival that has no mythological roots but might sound like a myth to someone who hasn’t seen it in person. Believe it or not, this is Rajini effect, take a look at it yourself.