Fastest century week of the year for Akshay's KESARI!

S Abid By S Abid | 28 Mar 2019 13:31:50 IST

The Holi release, KESARI, featuring Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra, has another achievement to show! Yes, the film has a hit a century during the opening 7-days (fastest century of 2019), which technically is a week.

As may be recalled, KESARI which released last Thursday (21st April), managed 22 crore during the opening day (best of 2019)  and 79 crore during the extended 4-day weekend, and thanks to a steady weekdays run has netted nearly 100 crore during it’s initial week (ending Wednesday) and still counting! 

Additionally, KESARI has crossed the $2m mark in the overseas.