Feel Alive with the most intense stories in Dynasties first look

On World Animal Day, Sony BBC Earth unveiled the exclusive first-look of the upcoming landmark natural history series Dynasties on Thursday.

Presented by the legendary Sir David Attenborough. Filmed over 4 years, this exciting new series brings a bold, new level of real-life drama to the natural history genre, revealing the complexities of power, rivalry and tenderness in animal relationships.

Shot in the most exquisite and jaw-dropping locations, the five-part series will feature the world’s most celebrated but endangered animals, as they do whatever it takes to survive and protect the next generation. The series showcases complex relationships between families and the immense teamwork it takes to defend their territories as they create dynasties to rule on for generations together.

Following the astounding success of Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II, Sony BBC Earth takes the audience closer to the natural world through the lives of five iconic animal families. Feel Alive with the most intense stories from the wild with Dynasties.