Film critic-turned-director Khalid Mohamed's Tehzeeb's music released

Film critic-turned-director Khalid Mohamed is ready with his second film, Tehzeeb, which he's also written. Tuesday night saw the film's music launch at the Hyatt.Tehzeeb means etiquette and ironically the launch party cum press conference was a result of goof ups and more goof ups, with the press releases still not ready, the chief guest (the always-on-time Mr Bachchan arrived late with Mrs B and Abhishek) turning late, the master of ceremonies, Denzil Smith forgetting all the important lines, messing up names and calling on the dais everybody from the cast but one. A couple of music CDs was even given away before the music was formally launched!Well, if we have bitched enough about the conference, let's get some facts here.The film has Urmila Matondkar (who looked stunning in a black netted number) in the title role, yes, she's called Tehzeeb in the film. Shabana Azmi who played her mother years ago in Shekhar Kapur's Masoom once again plays her mom. And the two are supposed to have some 'problem' in the film, probably a communication problem. Diya Mirza who looked absolutely fresh and lovely in a white dress plays the younger daughter while the hunky Arjun Rampal (looked better in the AV) who was accompanied by his wife Mehr Jesia plays Urmila's lover boy. Javed Akhtar has penned the lyrics while the music is by A R Rahman. Namrata Shirodkar and Diana Hayden have put in guest appearances. Karan Johar lent moral support while the producers (7 Studio Picture and The Culture Company) remained in the background. What they said:Shabana Azmi: We were supposed to play a dysfunctional family where Urmila and I have a bone of contention, Diya is my other daughter for whom I am supposed to feel guilty and Arjun is my son-in-law for whom I am not supposed to have any gracious feelings. But the problem was we got along so well with each other that it was nearly impossible to bring all those negative feelings on screen. If we have then it's thanks to Khalid.Urmila Matondkar: It's always a dream to work with Shabanaji who I acted with years ago as a child. Everybody then had asked me what it felt like to work with her and I said I had no clue. Even today I have no clue. It's been a pleasure to work with her and I am thankful to Khalid for giving me the opportunity to play Tehzeeb.Diya Mirza: It's always every actor's dream to work with the legendary Shabana Azmi. I'm lucky to have got this opportunity.Arjun Rampal: I had a great time working with four lovely women - Shabana Azmi, Urmila, Diya, Namrata. I was pampered all along.The focus then shifted on to the chief guest and his wife who as Khalid said through a written note which Denzil read out: "Jayaji has always been an anchor in my life. She's been there for me through ups and downs and for every crisis I have gone through. She's like family."Both Mrs and Mr Bachchan returned the compliment by saying, "Khalid is like a family member. We will always be there."And so the evening came to an end but not before the TV cameras scampering as usual for their quota of some celebrity sound bytes.For the music, it's nice. Some songs have lyrics adapted from the works of poets like Dagh Dehlvi, Momin Khan Momin and Shad Azimabadi. A couple of songs are nice, which new-find singer Sujata Bhattacharya lip-synched to, which was described as a "live performance" by Smith. Tch, tch.