FIRANGI Movie Review: Firangi Edward Sonnenblick does it again

Firangi Poster
Firangi Poster

Popular television comedian Kapil Sharma is back on the big screen after romancing those three ‘devian’ in that romantic comedy KIS KIS KO PYAAR KAROON in a period based touted family comedy FIRANGI.

Does the film do any good to his fading career on TV? Let’s find out.

Helmed by Kapil’s childhood friend and director of his comedy show Rajiev Dhingra, FIRANGI pays tribute to the Aamir Khan’s cult classic LAGAAN in a quirky way and that’s a good news but the joy is short lived as the movie which has a comedian as the hero is left begging for more opportunities to showcase his comic talents while the new-age caricature of a foreigner in Indian cinema Edward Sonnenblick impresses dobaara (again).

Sob sob, the proposed family comedy finds comedian Kapil Sharma as the innocent village pumpkin holding a single expression most of the time in a plot inspired from LAGAAN. Manga (Kapil Sharma) leads a group of villagers to challenge a British officer Mark Daniels (Edward Sonnenblick). The ‘firangi’ (read the British) wants to vacant Sargi’s (Kapil Sharma’s love interest played by the recently happily married Ishita Dutta – many congratulations!!) village for their selfish needs. Of course, like Russel’s sister Elizabeth in LAGAAN, we have Shyamli (Monica Gill) doing the honours for the bhola bhala bhuvan.. oops Manga.

Baar baar ha.. bolo yaar ha.. pardon me, let’s get back to FIRANGI. At the most even after suspending a substantial quantum of disbelief for the sake of harmless fun, FIRANGI manages to tickle only in bits and pieces. Rajiev Dhingra artificial creation of the 1920’s Punjab is decent but the leisurely pace spoils the fun and starts demanding an extra dose of patience.

It’s high time Kapil Sharma understands the difference between performing on stage and acting in a film, he needs something more substantial to prove his mettle on big screen.

Lack of rib tickling moments and depth on the character of Kapil Sharma goes strictly against the film. FIRANGI is also a guide on how to speak English with American accent while playing a British character.

Supporting cast like Kumud Mishra as the foxy king is good as always while the ladies Ishita Dutta and Monica Gill chip in with valuable support.

Rest there is nothing to take home from this FIRANGI, watch this overstretched period and mundane laughter getting challenged at your own risk.





Movie Cast & Crew
  • Actor: Kapil Sharma, Rajesh Sharma, Inaamulhaq, Kumud Mishra, Aanjjan Srivastav
  • Actress: Ishita Dutta, Monica Gill, Neeta Mohindra
  • Lyrics: Dr. Devendra Kafir, Ashraf Ali, Krishna Bhardwaj
  • Producer: Kapil Sharma
  • Director: Rajiev Dhingra
  • Music Director: Jatinder Shah
  • Production house: K9 Films
  • Editor: Omkar Nath Bakhri