FITOOR trailer launch: 5 revelations by Katrina Kaif, Aditya Roy Kapur and Abhishek Kapoor that are way too interesting

FITOOR trailer launch: 5 revelations by Katrina Kaif, Aditya Roy Kapur and Abhishek Kapoor that are way too interesting news

The FITOOR trailer launch, which was graced by Katrina Kaif, Aditya Roy Kapur, Tabu and Abhishek Kapoor, was definitely one hell of an event, especially because these people made some absolutely interesting revelations at the event! We give you the tidbits who said what and the amazing statements that the star cast made at the event that will surely interest you. Check them out…

Katrina Kaif called FITOOR as one of her favourite and the most romantic story. Then speaking about Aditya Roy Kapur being her senior, Katrina even shared a memory. She said, “Adi is my senior. About 11 years ago, me and Adi had done an ad film together, where I was putting on lipstick and this boy peeps through the window. That boy was Adi. We both started working at the same time.

Abhishek Kapoor was asked how true it was that Rekha opted out of FITOOR because her character had resemblances to real life and he said, “No. I think it’s very unfortunate that some sections carry news like that. When we started out Rekha ji was in the film. She’s a wonderful, gracious, generous and a very loving lady. During the course of the film, we saw things little differently. We felt it’s best that we not do this film together; we can work on something else in future. But when reports like this come out, it is not fair to her. She is a reserved and private person. She is not going to stand up, say things to safeguard her own interest, we should be cautious. It is downright cruel to say anything about her. We are glad Tabu graciously came on board. This character would have taken months to prepare as it is so layered. We are thankful to Tabu for coming on board in three days and rescue us.”

Talking about her equation with Tabu, Katrina Kaif said, “I think the hardest I had to do for acting in this film was pretending that Tabu was my mother, because she doesn’t look like one from any angle! She’s like a friend. But I really enjoyed the days we shot together in the film. We spent a lot of time talking. She’s so down-to-earth and genuine. So actually the conversation was one of my fondest memories on the scene.”

Speaking on Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Kapoor said, “Katrina was always open-minded and willing to push the envelope as much as possible on set. I’m personally very happy with what she has done in the film.” When further asked about change in characterization because of Rekha walking out of the film and Tabu replacing her, Abhishek said, “Characterization didn’t change at all. Rekha ji was great in her style and Tabu is in hers – she got into the skin of the character. And with Tabu – she’s like water. Put her in any container and she’ll just get around it.” Ask Abhishek Kapoor about the Pakistani connection and he also said, “FITOOR is not Anti-Pakistan film in any way.”

And getting a little romantic, when we asked Katrina Kaif how much she relates to the saying ‘Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasan’, she said, “I don’t think another perfect line has been spoken.” Aditya Roy Kapur added, “I agree. It’s never easy.” When we further probed Katrina about her Valentine’s Day plans, Aditya Roy Kapur replied, “You’ll be promoting with me,” to which Katrina replied, “On Feb 14th, I’ll be gone from your life. From Feb 12, I’ll be like ‘It was nice meeting you. Goodbye.’ But I hope and pray we’re very happy in our own spaces and have got a wonderful reaction for our film.”