Forget BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN Filmfare award has even ignored India's two greatest blockbusters MUGHAL-E-AZAM and SHOLAY!!

Forget BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN Filmfare award has even ignored India's two greatest blockbusters MUGHAL-E-AZAM and SHOLAY!! news
Mansoor Khan By Mansoor Khan | 27 Jan 2016 12:00:49.7870000 IST

The recent maltreatment to this year’s biggest hit, both commercially and critically, BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN at the 61 Filmfare awards has opened the pandora's box and raised eyebrows about the nation’s so-called most acclaimed awards.


What is baffling in case of BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN being booted out with a single award (best story) is that Filmfare boosts of being India’s popular award and the awards are selected on the choice of mass popularity.

However what is strange is that despite Filmfare’s claim of being popular award it has ignored people’s favorite film BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN. And that’s not all, in the past, Filmfare has even ignored India’s two greatest blockbusters viz. MUGHAL-E-AZAM and SHOLAY!!

Readers would be stunned to know that both MUGHAL-E-AZAM and SHOLAY did not receive a single award in the popular category. What is most surprising is that Prithivraj Kapoor, who till date is remembered for his immortal performance as king Akbar in MUGHAL-E-AZAM was not even nominated in either best actor or best supporting actor category!!

Though Filmfare nominated Madhubala in MUGHAL-E-AZAM as best actress but she too was declined the honor and the award was given to Bina Rai in one of the lesser known film GHUGNHAT.

Speaking about Dilip Kumar, readers would be surprised to know that the thespian too expressed bewilderment when instead of his best performance in MUGHAL-E-AZAM (For which he was not even nominated) he was awarded best actor trophy for his role in KOHINOOR.

The biggest injustice meted out was for music director Naushad, who had created his career’s best music for the film because earlier ANARKALI (1953) based on same subject was a mega hit solely for its music. Hence Naushad took it as a challenge to out beat the music and succeeded too! But alas his outstanding music in MUGAL-E-AZAM was overlooked and the award was given to Shanker Jaikishen for their modest score in the movie DIL APNA AUR PREET PRAYI. Naushad Sahab was so hurt that he became the ‘first’  celebrity to boycott these awards for life.

And last but not the least even the movie’s brilliant director K.Asif was not found worthy of the honor for the Best Director trophy and the award was given to the Filmfare’s favorite director Bimal Roy for one of his lesser known movies called PARAKH!

What’s interesting is that despite such humiliation Filmfare was kind enough to reward MUGAL-E- AZAM the ‘Best Film Award’ of the year and two technical awards Best photography and Best dialogue awards.

Like MUGAL-E- AZAM, Ramesh Sippy’s SHOLAY too was booted out at the Filmfare awards nite. What is worse unlike MUGAL-E –-AZAM which at least won the ‘Best Film’ award, SHOLAY, was not even given that honor despite 9 nominations including best film, best director, music, actor, comedian, playback, lyrics etc.

What is most surprising is that none of the lead stars viz. Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Hema Malini and Jaya Bhaduri, were not even nominated for their fiery performances! Only Sanjeev Kumar was nominated as Best actor but strangely he too was awarded for his performance in AANDHI and not SHOLAY!

Similarly writing sensation Salim Javed were not awarded for their best writing in SHOLAY but instead awarded for DEEWAAR!

To add salt to injuries Amjad Khan, who immortalized the deadly dacoit Gabbar Singh on the silver screen was nominated in the best supporting actor category (in those days Best villain category was not invented)  but the actor was sidelined and in his place Shashi Kapoor was given the trophy in DEWAAR! Amazing indeed!

In nut shell SHOLAY received just one award in the best editing category. Thus there are many more heart rending stories which rip apart the naked truth behind the societies’ high-status awards.