Forget Filmfare, Akshay Kumar is already a WINNER

Forget Filmfare, Akshay Kumar is already a WINNER news
Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 12 Jan 2017 17:38:54.7430000 IST

While Akshay Kumar may have been shunned from popular Filmfare awards nominations list that was announced for 62nd Filmfare Awards lately, the star has already won his biggest REWARD!


The way fans stood by him and audiences went berserk with the nominations list was a testimony in itself how patrons love their star. Fans & audiences didn’t shy away from voicing their opinions and at once #filmfareawardsonsale began to trend on social media platforms. Netizens hurled allegations on the award show especially when the leading award show didn’t nominate Akshay Kumar in the popular category of Best Actor in Leading Role (Male) despite giving three back-to-back superhits in 2016 (AIRLIFT, RUSTOM, HOUSEFULL 3).

When audiences come out in your support and become your voice, what could be a better REWARD than this for any star? How does it matter if you bag an award and still not get the appreciation?  While on the other hand you don’t fetch any award but you are HOT favourite among audiences & fans. They eagerly wait for your films and root for you even when you are not part of the BIGGEST BRANDS OF AWARDS.

It’s indeed an indication how Akshay has grown as a star, his popularity is growing by leaps & bounds. Akshay has gradually come at a point where he doesn’t need to chase fans but the case is otherwise now. Bollywood stars have often said that Audience appreciation is their truest Award & Reward, and it holds good in Akshay Kumar’s case!