8 Unknown facts of the enigma called Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury is an enigma, a unique combination of flamboyance, style, attitude with music and soul, the front man of the iconic band Queen has inspired many artiste/musicians worldwide.      

A biopic on Freddie Mercury titled BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY will be hitting the Indian theatres on 16th Nov 2018. Rami Malek will be enacting a titular role in the movie.

Here we present some unknown facts of the legend Freddie Mercury that makes him a mystery, an enigma we all love

(pic courtesy : NYPost)
(pic courtesy : NYPost)

Remained a mystery even after his death

Only one person knows his final resting place. His remains were given to his former lover Mary Austin who kept it a secret. Freddie said ‘ I know exactly where I want to be buried but don’t want anyone to know. I don’t want anyone to dig me up. I want to rest in peace.’ As to this day, it still remains a mystery!

A shy person

He was very shy. He said ‘ when I’m performing, I’m an extrovert but from inside I’m a completely different man. Queen drummer Roger Taylor once said, ‘nobody knows Freddie’.

Had more teeth than usual

He had more teeth than usual! He had four extra teeth in the back of his mouth which pushed those at the front forward. He always refused to have his teeth fixed fearing it would negatively affect his singing.

Created his own trademark mic stand

He created his trademark mic stand by accident. One time while performing a show early in Queen's career, his mic stand snapped mid-performance. Instead of replacing it, he carried on performing and continued to use it, even though it didn't have a bottom!

Paved way for Sex Pistols

A dentist appointment helped pave the way for Sex Pistols. He cancelled an appearance on the TV show, ‘Tonight With Bill Grundy’, to plug their new album, ‘A Day At The Races’. The band cancelled as Mercury had his first dental appointment in 15 years. Their replacement was the Sex Pistols. And we all know what happened next.

Nicknamed all his friends and band mates after women, except one

He nicknamed all but one of his friends and band mates after women. He called Elton John ‘Sharon’, Rod Stewart ‘Phyllis’ and Queen guitarist Brian May ‘Maggie’. He even had one for himself, ‘Melina’. But he didn’t give one to his base guitarist John Deacon who was considered too masculine in his eyes.

Owned 10 cats

Mercury was a cat lover and owned 10 cats. He dedicated his debut solo album ‘Mr Bad Guy’ to his cat. He said, ‘ This album is dedicated to my cat Jerry. Also Tom, Oscar and Tiffany and all the cat lovers across the universe. Screw everybody else!

(pic courtesy : Telegraph)
(pic courtesy : Telegraph)

Early days in India

Freddie Mercury of QUEEN was born Farrokh Bulsara. He was Parsi, moved to Mumbai, India as a child & spoke Gujarati. Mercury spent most of his childhood in India and began taking piano lessons at the age of seven.