From AGNEEPATH to Anthony Gonsalves - Rishi Kapoor moves on

Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 28 Jan 2012 20:12:10.4370000 IST

Anthony Gonsalves, the legendary music arranger and composer, passed away last week. Call it destiny but a biographical take on his life in the form of a film was already being planned on his life. Ironically though, Gonsalves isn't alive to see this film on the big screen. However filmmaker Ashwini Chaudhary has made up his mind that immediately after JODI BREAKERS, his next assignment would most probably be 'Anthony Gonsalves'.

"Yes, a film on Anthony Gonsalves is very much on cards," confirms Ashwini, "In fact I wanted to make this film immediately after DHOOP but then other assignments kept me engaged. However I was in constant touch with Rishi Kapoor to play the part of Anthony Gonsalves and in principle he had agreed to work on it as well."

download AGNEEPATH wallpapers
download AGNEEPATH wallpapers

He now plans to start the film this year. Says Ashwini, "It is father-son musical. I always felt that Chintuji would be just the perfect actor to play a musician since his body has that kind of music in it. We had long discussions around the film and he too was very kicked about the film."

Unfortunately though, the film couldn't begin as planned due to certain logistics issues. However with JODI BREAKERS creating good buzz and Ashwini finding himself in the thick of things, things are turning well for the filmmaker who is all charged about bringing on his pet project.

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"Once I am through with the release of JODI BREAKERS, I would approach him and the other actors and resume talks. I am not going to start anything else now till I put together 'Anthony Gonsalves'. Also, it has to be with Chintuji only," declares Ashwini.

Given the menacing turn that Rishi Kapoor has just taken in AGNEEPATH, one wonders how he would react to a goody-goody character like Anthony Gonsalves now!