From PRAGUE, Elena Kazan moves to Kashmir for AASMA

From PRAGUE, Elena Kazan moves to Kashmir for AASMA news
Joginder Tuteja By Joginder Tuteja | 30 Sep 2013 19:24:05.1300000 IST

Her PRAGUE is currently running in theatres and she has found good appreciation coming her way for the part that she has played in the film. Now Elena Kazan, who just a fortnight ago had also been seen in JOHN DAY, is moving to her next film which takes her to Kashmir. She plays the title role of AASMA in this film which is about a girl who has been kidnapped by a bunch of militants with rapacious intent.


Confirms Elena, "Yes, I have been shooting for this film where I am playing a Kashmiri girl. There is just a few days of work left in Kashmir. This is another project that I have really prepared for long."

For someone who has gradually moved from smaller (AGENT VINOD) to big (AASMA) roles, both in Hindi as well as Bengali, Elena is content with the slow and steady journey that she has taken.

"I was learning all this while. I have seen different cultures coming into play. Even between Kolkata and Mumbai, there is a lot of difference," says Elena, "It is interesting to do different kind of films though because nowadays there is such a wide range of subjects that people are picking up."
She is happy where she is finding herself today.

"There is something really wonderful about Bollywood due to the sheer variety of films that are being making. I have lived in Germany and there they make like five movies a year. Here in Bollywood, a single production house makes that volume of movies," quips Elena before signing off.