From the first row...

Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye Creative Poster

How many times does a situation arise that one is compelled to watch a story. A friend of mine happened to refer me about such a compelling story and for the past 3-4 days I had been trying various plexes in my vicinity that could offer me a decent seat. But, to my surprise, I could not find one in this long weekend period. Finally, I got to experience this piece of narrative from the first row and I am not complaining.

Thank you Mr Dipesh Shah for (writing, directing & producing) making this movie. Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye is about a significant business family, which finds itself at the crossroads in a circumstance, where one wrong decision could end up costing them the future; theirs as well as hundreds of others. Through a host of interesting characters, the narrative gives an insight into what it takes to be resilient in the face of adversity. The story is a lesson in general from a business perspective and otherwise too. But it is the climax scene of the movie that raises a curiosity similar to that of ‘Kattappa’. Here, who amongst the two characters Viren and Dev will become victorious and how; when it was both of them who won this battle together. Interestingly if one wants to decode the film’s title with the last scene and the curiosity that it builds, the title can be read in two ways. ‘Chal, Man Jeetva Jaiye’ would mean one character’s point of view towards life of being victorious by winning others. Whereas if one reads ‘Chal Man, Jeetva Jaiye’ would probably mean the other character’s aim to convince one’s mind and march towards victory.

The narrative is full of dialogues and peeps into the human psychology in a given situation. It delves into not just how the different characters deal with the situation but also how one must understand what others are thinking in that situation and why. It also tries to explain with examples of different people taking different routes to tackle the problem and their ultimate outcomes. Though what is shown is nothing new in terms of philosophy, principles, etc. but what is important here is the presentation. Like most stories are stories of victory of good over evil, here it is the victory of principles presented through thought provoking dialogues between the various family members in a single room sans any typical masala. And we do not get this kind of cinema very often.

I am pretty sure that this film might inspire Bollywood filmmakers to buy its (dubbing, remake)rights and try to milk it but a simple question still remains that despite having limited resources if regional filmmakers can deliver a simple message in such an impactful way then what stops Bollywood from thinking original engrossing cinema? We so busy in making potboilers or masala films stuffed with senseless dialogues, unnecessary glamour, over the top action? When are we going to realize that entertainment doesn’t necessarily have to be mindless!

Anyways don’t miss the opportunity of being amazed by an engaging narrative. Go and watch this film and you can thank us later.