Fund to encourage children to direct films

A new initiative of the cinematic kind aims at nurturing filmmaking talent from an early age by sponsoring children to make films that "teach good values" and deal with issues like hygiene and social ethics.

Children between the ages of 8 and 16 are being targeted by the initiative, launched by Zonsta Creation and Entertainment Production Services.

The group has launched a fund to create the next generation of moviemakers.

"With this fund we intend to sponsor children for making documentaries and live action films of 2 to 10 minutes, on issues concerning environment, hygiene, moral values, social ethics, animals or interesting observations," said R.A. Mahima of the Zonsta.

"We want films that will impart good moral values," Mahima said.

"The kids may not have a knowledge of filmmaking but that will not be a problem. We want their ideas and we want to ignite in them a deep passion for filmmaking."

Children between the age group of 8 and 12 years and 13 and 16 years are eligible to participate. The last date of submission for story ideas is January 31.

Four selected stories will be announced by February 7 after which they will enter into the production stage with complete development and execution support.

The films will be shown on an international platform as well.

"We have tied up with two major international film festivals where these movies will be shown and the kids will be taken to Europe for the festival," said Mahima.

The festivals will be held in March and June in Europe though Mahima did not reveal their names.

Mahima spent more than a decade in the media -- broadcasting, advertising, programming and creative direction. She had stints with JWT, Channel 7, ABC in Australia and HTA.

Mahima's video documentaries on various Indian tribes and the country's cultural heritage have won her national acclaim.