Funny!! How come Salman Khan's support for Sonu Nigam over azaan row went unnoticed?

Funny!! How come Salman Khan's support for Sonu Nigam over azaan row went unnoticed? news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 24 Apr 2017 17:16:42.2300000 IST

Unbelievable, strange but funny indeed. Salman Khan’s ‘literally’ overwhelming support for Sonu Nigam over ‘azaan’ row has got unnoticed by all.

Last week was full of action, ace singer Sonu Nigam’s comments on use of loudspeakers in mosques, temples, etc received negative & positive response and a diktat from a clergy announcing a reward of 10 lakhs for the person who shaves the singers head.


Sonu gave a smart reply and shaved his head in public by inviting top Bollywood hair dresser Aalim Hakim to do the needful. Sonu’s hair on head got reduced to minimum but reportedly the clergy who announced the prize refused to pay the amount alleging that Sonu has done ‘half’ the job, if Sonu ties a garland of shoes round his neck and moves door-to-door then he might consider..

All this happened on 18th and 19th of this month. Now picture this image from Salman Khan’s highly awaited Eid Bonanza ‘TUBELIGHT’ in which we see Salman Khan has tied a shoe around his neck as ordered by that clergy for Sonu Nigam. Salman Khan released the first look of TUBELIGHT on 20th of April - immediately the day after all this happened.

Sadly, no one including Sonu Nigam could see the ‘level’ of support our dear ‘Bhaijaan’ has come out in support for him. What a pity, this image from TUBELIGHT failed to throw that ‘light’ in spite of Salman Khan’s best efforts in all his innocence. Instead the video where Salman halted his press conference on hearing the evening azaan from a nearby mosque went viral. We hear Sonu has now posted recording of azaan on his social media.

Oh dear, the latest poster of Salman Khan from TUBELIGHT could have ended the matter once and for all.

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