GALI GULEIYAN : Manoj Bajpayee answers the million dollar question!!

Image Courtesy : Manoj Bajpayee twitter handle

Manoj Bajpayee solves the mystery and tells us how he transformed into Khuddoos – his most complex character till date.

As GALI GULEIYAN is garnering praise from all corners and the critics going gaga over actor refined Manoj Bajpayee’s stellar act in the film which is nothing short of a master class.

The world is wondering how Manoj Bajpayee the actor who has redefined spontaneity and intensity in his roles has found a new adage for pause (the teharav) in his portrayal as Khuddoss in this movie. Playing a paranoid loner who has confined himself in the shunty allies of old Delhi in a dusty old house, spending his time observing his neighborhood through a network of spy cameras fed into TV sets in his home in Dipesh Jain’s psychological drama GALI GULEIYAN. The movie peeps into the tragic world of child abuse that constantly beeps our soul tingling our prejudices on love, affection, acceptance, rejection and pain.

“To prepare for any character, first you need experience and the second is imagination. In my career spanning 24 years, I have observed so many people, played different characters as an actor and interacted with so many people as a person. With that experience, I have tried to understand and imagined Khuddoos as visualized by the writer director Dipesh Jain. It’s certainly the most complex character written in Indian cinema and perhaps Khuddoos is not a regular in world cinema as well.” says Manoj Bajpayee.

Elaborating on the mental and physical changes that he went through in getting transformed into Khuddoos, the actor says, “ I reduced weight to get that lanky look, went into the darker side of myself to identify with the darkness in Khuddoos, got myself completely immersed in the character, my wife found me murmuring and she got worried, it was really tough, I took paths which I should not have taken like imagining the darker sides of human nature to get the nuances of Khaddoos right and amazingly rediscovered myself as a person/actor as I tried to nurture Khaddoos as per the expectations and demands of the script”.

“It was really tough to get into the skin of Khuddoos and similarly it was not at all easy to come out of Khaddoos, it took some time, it was haunting, an amazing journey a unique discovery”. He concludes.

So this is how Manoj Bajpayee pulled the complexities, anxieties and dark secrets of Khaddoos in GALI GULEIYAN with an everlasting effect.