This actor is petrified of friends

Maisie Williams (Pic. Courtesy: Instagram)

"Game of Thrones" fame star Maisie Williams says she feels scared of her friends.

In an interview with The Guardian, the 21-year-old actress said she is still "petrified" of her peers because she "gave up being a normal teenager" for the role and left school to be taught at home after being cast in the series at the age of just 12.

Williams said: "I gave up a huge part of my adolescent life. I'm still petrified of my peers, because I just didn't spend a lot of time with them."

Earlier this year, the actress wrapped filming on the series, which is based on the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series by George R. R. Martin.

Talking about her scenes in the finale season, Williams added: "I got to the end and I didn't want more. I had exhausted every possible piece of Arya. And this season was quite big for me. I had a lot more to do. Mainly because there's just less characters now, so everyone's got more to do."