GANGS OF WASSEYPUR: Nuggets that made it a great Film

Enkayaar By Enkayaar | 25 Jun 2012 11:30:04.3430000 IST

In Hindi there is a saying काजल की कोठरी में कैसो ही सयानो जी एक लीक काजल की लागी है सो लागी है it indeed is the guiding principle and the basic edifice on which GANGS OF WASSEYPUR has been mounted. It also has been inspired by another quote in Hindi dealing with business of coal mines, कोयले की दलाली में सबका मुह काला.

view GANGS OF WASSEYPUR movie posters
view GANGS OF WASSEYPUR movie posters

GANGS OF WASSEYPUR chronicles the journey of the saga associated with coal mines, and it is one trade where religion does not matter but what matters is the muscle power that would provide leverage to control trade.

While the residents of Wasseypur have not been amused that their town has been portrayed in such a manner in the film and have gone ahead to blacken the posters as a protest, fact of the matter is that Wasseypur is a city which is known to be notoriously famous for spare parts of vehicle at less than half the actual price. Being a place where big vehicles continue to trample the landscape, the theft of auto parts is also a norm there.

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Anurag Kashyap has created a new metaphor in the film, GANGS OF WASSEYPUR tracing the history from 1950s till the time the coal blocks were liberalized, by using the successful film posters of the years which the film covers under its canvas. It underlines the importance of film posters in the life of average Indian and the element of nostalgia associated with it.

Some of the elements which indeed infuse and inject element of reality to GANGS OF WASSEYPUR is the bathing scene where Manoj Vajpayee takes his bath wearing underwear of lined cloth, in Hindi referred as पटरेवाला जांघिया, which still is one of the most visible elements of landscape in the cloth lines in rural areas. Or for that matter the manner in which desi bombs are made in the film by using the empty dabbas of local snuff or gul, which most of the males in the Hindi belt religiously use on their teeth more than five to six times a day.

Times are changing and one needs to complement the censor board as well, as it has been rather magnanimous enough to allow the film to be passed without much cuts and GANGS OF WASSEYPUR would encourage more such filmmakers to unravel the social history of past in their respective areas and give it a cinematic representation for a generation which otherwise is not bothered about the vital growth process that our country has experienced.