Pro-tips from Industry Experts on What to Avoid While Writing a Script

If you are a budding writer who is looking to showcase your story by writing a film script, then these pro-tips might come in handy!
Renowned scriptwriter Anjum Rajabali shares, ”I feel that somewhere you realize that in the journey of the script you tend to start allowing the plot to dictate to character and they seem to be sometimes in anxious rush to ensure the climax happens in the way they imagined, so the script tends to lose its organic steam."

"If you have committed something as a thought or as an idea to someone, the tendency is to try and achieve that and many-a-times what happens is that character you develop are not taking you in that direction. If its feeling difficult that you cannot achieve what you have committed, if the story is moving in another direction, then burden to sticking to what you had committed comes in the way of your natural writing process.”, says noted screenwriter, Juhi Chaturvedi.

On the subject, acclaimed filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani advices: ”I think that you need patience with yourself, because there will be many many many dark days when you will not get a single idea in the whole day and you will start doubting yourself and you just need to be kind to yourselves."

Post the success of the first edition of the contest which began last year, the second edition of the script contest has already begun.


Cinestaan India’s Storytellers Script Contest which has been launched by Cinestaan is India’s biggest Script Contest to date. The winners of the contest with the best script shall be awarded a prize of Rs. 25 lakhs. The total cash prizes for this contest will be Rs.50 lakhs. Some of the best scripts shall be curated to be part of the Cinestaan Script Bank – a treasure trove that Studios & Production Houses can delve into and then directly liaise with the writers, who often find it difficult to get their voice across.