GHAYAL ONCE AGAIN release reminds us of tariq pe tariq

GHAYAL ONCE AGAIN release reminds us of tariq pe tariq news
Vishal Verma By Vishal Verma | 07 Jan 2016 18:36:23.7500000 IST
Bollywood hunk Sunny Deol who has become synonymous with dhai kilo ka haath, is making a comeback with the sequel of his blockbuster GHAYAL - GHAYAL ONCE AGAIN. On a lighter note the action star’s famous lines from DAMINI - tariq pe tariq echoes with chorus when we hear the postponement of his comeback film release date again and again.


tariq Pe Tariq seems that the line has become synonymous with GHAYAL ONCE AGAIN release date announcements.

The movie was initially announced to be the grand Diwali fair in 2015 but for some reasons got postponed for January 15, 2016. Suddenly like any twist seen in Bollywood potboilers, another tariq for GHAYAL ONCE AGAIN is announced, now Sunny Paaji will please his fans on February 5 2016.

The quintessential B-town action hero Sunny Deol who can do anything on screen is ironically powerless to stick to one release date. Yeah we know it must be for the betterment of the film and we hope no other tariq is announced in future.. otherwise Sunny ipaaji will get angry with this ongoing tariq pe tariq.. aah.. see it came again..