Girls, if Nimrat Kaur in The Test Case didn’t inspire you nothing will!

Balaji Films’s new platform web series from ALTBalaji is booming with various shows be it from a historical show Bose: Dead/ Alive or a matured love story starring Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar, there is room for everyone in digital arena.
We have often seen Ekta showing women in power since early 2000’s through her television shows, be it ‘Kyunki’ or ‘Kahaani’..Even in films she made sure she shows women power, with web series being the latest trend Ekta’s new series ‘The Test Case’ starring Nimrat Kaur in the lead is one of the most important and crucial web series for Ekta. It’s one of the shows which shows women in Indian army for the first time and how she battles it out in the world of men.
The first trailer and first episode was released last year post which due to some internal issues the second trailer was out few weeks back and remaining 8 episodes will be released this Republic day.
We saw the first six episodes of the web series, and needless to say, it has set a benchmark for others as well. No woman has been ever shown so courageous and powerful as the protagonist Nimrat in the finite series. ‘The Test Case’ shows a budding woman officer Capt. Shika Sharma surviving in a male chauvinist society.
The other cast includes Atul Kulkarni, Rahul Dev, Rituraj and others. Juhi Chawla plays a cameo role as India’s defense minister.
The series opens with varying responses to the decision to allow women to participate in combat in the military. Juhi Chawla, the Defense Minster, is of the onion that they should let Shika Sharma get into Indian army special force training, however the officers aren’t convinced as they feel it’s a man’s world and a women’s body is too weak to handle a gruesome training.
Nonetheless Nimrat joins the academy and her first day is very much as expected, hard, tough and Shika being the fearless one shows her physical strength and stamina with immense hard core trainings.
From doing100 push-ups to jumping, firing guns, and giving it back to the boys she does it all. Under the supervision of Kripal Bhatti (Rahul Dev), the captains are trained hard. Atul Kulkarni essays the role of colonel as he is disciplinary and finds Shika out of place and challenges that it’s not her cup of tea.
Moving further…
A poster on the training ground caught attention of Shika which reads, ‘We make men out of boys.’ To which Shika wants to prove herself that she can survive on a battleground and challenges her body by doing physically strenuous tasks.
She gets special privileges as a women like getting a separate dorm and recommendation from Defense minister herself, which doesn’t go down well with others. The usual ragging begins in the beginning and soon Shika becomes pally with her fellow colleagues. Although there are some insecurity between boys as Shika outshines them and trains extremely rigorously to complete the task in given time.
From betting to vaginal and ball jokes, the uncensored talks are on.. not to forget boys in the camp which are out to be men.
If this just wasn’t enough, Shika decides to stay in boys’ dorm and to everyone’s surprise she drinks oodles of daru (liquor) to get herself a bed. A little more daredevil act by the girl was when she decided to bathe with the boys as she was getting late for the training.
Well, boys being boys as they haven’t turned men started seeing her breasts and Shika gives a kickass reply to it.
Amidst all this, Bilal Siddiqui (Akshay Oberoi) becomes friendly with her, however she keeps him at a distance as she believes there is no friend for her in this force.
The twist in the tale is with Shika’s character when the tough girl has a soft heart as she has a boyfriend who is her support and strength played by Samir Kochhar. Nothing in detail was shown between them.
Captain Shikha Sharma is a Test Case, as she completes the toughest Dozakh training which is said to be one of the most powerful training in the history of Special Indian Armed Forces. It’s a 36 hours long training wherein the captains don’t eat they have to train and push themselves to a point so that they are ready for the war.
A nightmare that happened during Dozakh training, is the high point wherein Shika was sexually assaulted and was said to take a firm decision if she would like to continue, leave or come back later.
However, Shika didn’t let anyone know that she has been assaulted. She rather hid so that she can continue the training, as the report submitted by her team mates doesn’t say that she was assaulted.
‘The Test Case’ shows Nimrat in an impactful role. This actor has charmed us and with the gripping storyline and one after another incidents and challenges by the protagonists it surely has raised the bar.
Each and every actor in their respective role has been crafted well, be it Atul kulkari, Samir Kochhar, Akshay Oberoi, Rahul Dev, Anup Soni.
However, Nimrat is strong, tough and truly inspiring. Ekta Kapoor does it once again. It’s worth every minute.
The web series will be streaming on ALTBalaji app from 26 January.
The Test Case team
The Test Case team