Going to watch PADMAAVAT? These 11 safety measures might help you come back alive

Amidst nervousness, protests, fear, threats, mobs of fringe groups, audiences & fans are eager to watch Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus PADMAAVAT headlining Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. While the apex court has lifted the ban and allowed a country-wide release on January 25, the fringe groups are incessantly giving threats of force cancellation of PADMAAVAT shows, demanding ‘janta curfew, burning the cinema halls, the Rajput women ending their lives and what

Though the tension around the film refuses to recede at the moment, but those who are committed to watch the ‘art of work’ by SLB, who shed his blood and sweat behind it, can still go ahead and enjoy the flick on 70 mm screen (without any hassle) if they are well-equipped and well-prepared with few safety measures. Not that we are scaring our patrons or discouraging anyone regarding the film. But what’s the harm in being well-informed and well-equipped? Why compromise the celluloid experience, when you want to watch a majestic presentation, because of threats? Ways can be chalked out to fulfill the desires as they say ‘where there is will there is a way’!

So, here we give you 11 safety tips or precautions that you can try as you step out to watch PADMAAVAT in the cinema hall and come back alive successfully!

Disclaimer: This is a fun piece and figment of the writer. The publication does not hold any responsibility. Nowhere we intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments or are making any mockery out of it. It’s a light-hearted take amidst the tensed environment to take a chill-pill as thoda fun toh banta hai!

Join the mob

This is the last option one should resort to but if you are somehow stuck or trapped in an unavoidable situation, last but not the least you can do is join the group and say you are part of it to escape from it.

…And after facing all the challenges and striving hard to watch the film on the big screen if you successfully come back alive from the theater, don’t worry the result will be fruitful only. You will be a ‘winner’ (Vijay) anyways and lauded for your brave attempt at the end! Don’t believe us watch the video here:

Check in a nearby cinema hall

It’s better to check in a nearby cinema hall than to move in an unknown zone. Atleast in familiar area, you can be safe enough and in case of chaos you know where to head, how to exit and reach your destination sooner.

Move in with crowds

While self-defense techniques and tools is must for everyone, but during panic situations its best (and suggested) to move in a group or in the crowd to get spotted.

Stinking socks:

No one can withstand the pungent & foul stench of stinking socks. The attackers will at once move aside with the bad odor, thereby clearing your path. And it’s very light to carry as well.

Baseball Bat

A baseball bat can be carried too as an option if in case you need a self-protection weapon.

Be a ‘PAD MAN’ and then move out

Well we aren’t referring to Pad man Akshay Kumar but taking a cue from his film, where he donned pads, a movie goer can sufficiently stuff himself from the pads to brave the attack.

Cricket Gear

And if you are still not comfortable and if it’s hard to find out fire resistant clothing, another option is to be covered in cricket gear from head-to-toe with knee & arm pads, gloves, helmet, etc. This kit is available easily at homes (of any cricket lover) or a nearby sports items shop.

Fire Retardant Clothes

It’s okay to shun your fashionable attire for a day and don fire retardant clothes in order to be on safer side. At least you can bravely meander around in case the situation goes out of control.

Chilly Powder spray

Besides pepper spray, another proven effective and quickly disabling any assailant, tool is chilly powder spray. You can escape from dangerous situations, it offers a good defense ability


Not just for safe driving, helmets are one of the best protective shields from stone pelting or any other harm. A portable and handy helmet is not much a hassle to carry or else you can enter the cinema hall wearing the helmet too.

Pepper spray

Pepper spray is one of the best self-defense attacks. The moment you are stopped to enter the theater a little spray on the eyes of the attacker can work wonder for you. This personal defender of yours enables you to defend yourself to keep a safe distance from an attacker. It is quick and simple to operate and easy to carry.