Gorgeous Esha Gupta gets 'sporty'

Gorgeous Esha Gupta gets 'sporty' news
Glamsham Editorial By Glamsham Editorial | 10 Apr 2017 18:30:08.0870000 IST
The gorgeous Esha Gupta has more to share then her beauty.

Esha Gupta believes in dreams and working hard towards achieving them. The actress is helping ice skater Nikhil Pingle get one step closer to achieve his dream.

Esha came to know about Nikhil through a friend. She found out details and was keen to help him in whatever way possible.

Esha leant that Nikhil  has been performing consistently well in competitions across India. He is now looking to train at the Olympic training facility in

Canada, for which he needs financial support.

The beauty with a caring heart Esha made the donation through a crowd funding website and also spoke to friends and family to support Nikhil and help him via the crowd funding initiative.

She as actively following up on the progress for Nikhil.

Shares Esha 'I learnt about Nikhil from a friend. Being a sports enthusiast I would love to promote all sports, especially the ones still not recognized in our country yet. There is so much burgeoning talent in our country, but most of the people don't make it because they don't get a chance.'

She further adds 'A lot of people have reached out to me and my team. We should be able to raise enough funds for Nikhil to train for Olympics.'