For Jimmy Shergill acting was not his dream

Jimmy Shergill

Jimmy’s revelation brings takes us to a scene in a movie where an ailing Jimmy had got a jaadu ki jhappi from a don/medical student Sanjay Dutt (studying medical) who had the same thought when he was handed a scalpel to cut a (dead) human body. Remember Munnabhai MBBS?

Everyone has dreams of becoming something when they’re young. Someone wants to become an astronaut, someone a pilot and some doctors. And that’s exactly what Jimmy Shergill dreamt of. He confessed on Famously Filmfare that he wanted to become a doctor before he became an actor!

"When I was little, my mother would always feel that I would become a doctor. I wonder why, though! So, I took that thing very seriously. And when I was in school also, if I start counting I guess it was till the 11th grade that I tried very hard thinking I would study biology and would definitely go for it and go into medical and I thought of becoming a doctor. My mother would tell me since childhood that I would grow up to become a doctor. But when the proper experiments began in the 11th grade on cockroaches and frogs and whatever, I ran away from there. I thought to myself if I cannot dissect a cockroach or a frog or watch it happen, how do you expect me to probably have a human body with me and study it? I tried very hard. But then I called my mother and said that I won't be able to do it and that I tried a lot", said Jimmy.

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