Guess what Nawazuddin's DNA test has revealed!

Guess what Nawazuddin's DNA test has revealed! news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 24 Apr 2017 16:23:55.6770000 IST

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one of the finest actors we have in B-town.

While Nawaz has never really stepped out and/or voiced his opinion on any of the matters, the actor surprised everyone when he shared a message-driven video on his social media, out of the blue.

Titled as ‘Sixteen Point Six Six’, the 55-second video has no dialogues and the 42-year-old actor sends a hard-hitting message across with the help of placards in a subtle way.

In the clip, Siddiqui, through placards, conveys when he got his DNA test results, the actor found he has 16.66 per cent portion of all the religions in this world  like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist and every other important religion in the world. But when he discovered his soul, Siddiqui found he is 100 per cent artiste.

However, Nawaz didn’t comment anything and conveyed his message silently.