Oscar winning director Guillermo del Toro to direct this classic children’s tale

Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro confirmed that he'll be directing Pinocchio remake for Netflix. This will be a stop-motion musical written and directed by Guillermo himself! On the other hand, Disney is also working to produce a live-action Pinocchio film directed by Matteo Garrone.

Del Toro's films are all wonderfully crafted according to the storyline. His films are filled with magical and magnificent characters, from the monsters in PAN'S LABYRINTH to the aquatic beast in THE SHAPE OF WATER. They're also very much not kids stuff. But this time he's writing and directing a classic children’s tale about a puppet who wants to be a real
live boy, there has been speculation about the film to be a darker adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s original 1883 novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio, a musical set in Italy during Mussolini’s fascist regime. Netflix announced on social media that they have picked up Guillermo's Pinocchio project, which has been in the works for several years.

Looks like 2019 will be full of nostalgia and year of the remakes from Hollywood. A number of live-action Disney films are slated for 2019 release. Production on Pinocchio is set to start from December. Currently, no release date has been announced yet.