Gulshan Devaiah: Pooja Bhatt is highly misunderstood by people

Gulshan Devaiah: Pooja Bhatt is highly misunderstood by people news
Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 04 Sep 2015 16:51:35.6830000 IST
Apart from Anurag Kashyap, HUNTERRR actor Gulshan Devaiah is really close to actor-turned-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt. Gulshan, who is currently working on Pooja Bhatt’s film CABARET, finds her were very supportive and easily approachable.


“Pooja and I share a very strong bond. From last two years we have been working on CABARET and we have developed a good rapport. Pooja has never repeated actors in her films; however she has signed a two film deal with me. She trusts me a lot. I find very easy to approach her. Jitna Anurag Kashyap Mere Liye Aziz Hai, Utna hi Pooja Bhatt bhi Aziz Hai Mere Liye,” says Gulshan.
While Pooja is known for her blunt and obnoxious nature, Gulshan feels she has been highly misunderstood by people. “People deem her to be obnoxious but it is nothing like that. She is rather sharp and a very straight-forward person, who speaks her mind and only when the time is right. She is not always blunt,” he says and adds, “I feel Pooja ji has been highly misunderstood by the people. She doesn’t have any starry air or arrogance. The working atmosphere on her film sets is also good.”

Now that he has worked with Pooja, ask Gulshan about her tough taskmaster nature and if she yells & screams often on the sets and he says, “When it’s required you have to even shout. And Pooja is a filmmaker so obviously her task is very grueling. Toh Chillana bhi Padega

While talking about Pooja, Gulshan recalls his experience working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali (SLB) in GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA - RAMLEELA. He adds, “When I was about to work with SLB, everyone used to scare me saying that he is very strict and sanki. But it was nothing like that. On the contrary, he gave me a free space to perform and experiment with my role. He was very cool and friendly.”

On a lighter note, he concluded, “Coincidentally, both Pooja and SLB share same birthdate i.e. 24 February but as individuals they are poles apart.”