Gulshan Grover: I was missing being Bad man

Rachana Sheth By Rachana Sheth | 04 Jun 2011 18:16:42.8770000 IST

It has been long time we saw the original bad man of Bollywood, Gulshan Grover in his villain antics - lousy character, weird getup, badass lines. But it seems our desire to once again see Gulshan Grover as cruel, mean creature (which he widely played in 90s) will be fulfilled. Gulshan Grover returns with what he is best known for with upcoming film BIN BIN BULAYE BARAATI. He plays a baddie called 'Black Cobra' in the film.

Gulshan says, "Bad man type of role returns with BIN BULAYE BARAATI. For a long time my fans were asking me 'woh jo bad man jaisa character tha woh jo khatarnaak villain aata tha we are missing that. When will we see you in a similar type of a role next?' To which I only used to say such type of films were not being made. Also, no one even attempted to play one. On top of that specialised villains were diminishing from films. But when director Chandrakant Singh offered me this role he explained about the character - who is dacoit with weird and crazy getup and dangerous look, I found a good opportunity here to play it after a long time and was immediately game for it."


Not just his ardent fans even Gulshan was missing being 'Bad Man' from long time. "Yes I was missing it," nods Gulshan.


Although Gulshan hates being nostalgic or remembering about the past roles, he compares the yesteryears villains with that of today. Says Gulshan, "That time every film and every role was like that which had a separate villain angle. Plus the villain was identifiable from far. Over the years villain has submerged in the society. You can't make out who is the villain and who's the nice guy today. Therefore there was no role in last many years that had a flavour like this (in BIN BULAYE BARAATI). And I am sure in future also there will not be many. Some people will do write some weird interesting roles but again that will be not too many. The way the villain looks today everything has changed."

Gulshan, who is playing the conventional baddie on-screen after a long gap, feels that he has gained expertise over the years and enjoys the whole process of it.

"When you have expertise in something and have done it for a while you in fact have formed an intensity and energy. I enjoyed the whole process of playing it again," concludes Gulshan.