Gulshan Grover: Ranbir & Ranveer know how to promote themselves!

Gulshan Grover: Ranbir & Ranveer know how to promote themselves! news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 07 Jun 2017 18:35:46.1770000 IST

Gulshan Grover is back and how. The bad man returns with BEHEN HOGI TERI, wherein he yet again plays the antagonist.

He has ruled the industry with some amazing films from playing the bad guy to doing cross border international films, breaking the barrier of negative roles and donning the hat of being a good guy in few films. He has done so many things but still wishes to explore more in Bollywood.

In an exclusive conversation with Gulshan he spoke in length about his role, why he has been typecast as bad man, his favourite actors and also wants to try his hand at biopic.

Here are the excerpts:


After a long gap you are back with Bollywood film BEHEN HOGI TERI, what's your role?
I play the villain. After a long time I got a good role, where my role was justified, I liked the concept of the film how lovers are forced to be brother and sister for the sake of society as they stay in the same building and I play the baddie, after a long hiatus.

What made you return to Bollywood after a long time?
I was waiting for a good role. The roles didn't excite me I was offered way too clichéd roles that I have done in the past. But I am thankful and feel blessed that I have done diverse roles in my career mix of extremely positive roles to bashing up the heroes.

You have done numerous films in your career, any role that you would like to explore?
I haven't done a biopic. I would love to do it soon.

What is your take on the current lot of actors?
I have immense respect for all young actors. They are so prepared, they know everything. They represent the youth. Back then in our times, we had to learn acting these guys know everything from acting, dancing to marketing themselves they are phenomenal.

Who are your favourite actors?
I like Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh although they are diverse characters they are fabulous actors. Apart from them I loved working with Rajkummar Rao and Shruti Hassan.