Has Hailey Baldwin finally taken her husband's name?

Pic Courtesy: Instagram

After the engagement of the most loved Canadian singer with girlfriend Hailey Baldwin, fans are just going crazy over the wedding of the couple as they haven't yet announced the dates. No sooner we expect them to get married soon as Hailey has already confirmed that she has changed her name. Well, we can't wait to call Hailey, Mrs. Bieber soon.

Recently after confirming their marriage status to a fan, it looks as though Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are looking to the future, financially anyway, as Hailey’s now trademarking both her married and maiden names. As per reports earlier Hailey has apparently submitted multiple trademark applications for ‘Hailey Bieber’, ‘Hailey Baldwin’, and ‘HRB3’. FYI, the ‘R’ in ‘HRB3’ stands for the model’s middle name, Rhode. But she's not only just staking the name for the purpose of the fame, but also to capitalize on it. According to reports, The court documents submitted on October 10th show that Hailey is looking into starting a clothing line, as the purpose is listed as "clothing," and what if the brand will be designed by the future husband and wife? Wouldnt Justin as a fashion designer sound cooler? So it may not have been as romantic a gesture as we first thought, but we've got to give it to her, the model sure is industrious! She is sort of taking her husband's name confirming she has definitely tied the knot but not in a traditional sense.

The 21-year-old first made clear her desire to change her name post-nuptials back in September when she made a massive change to her Instagram bio.