HAMNE GANDHI KO MAAR DIYA trailer: An intriguing take on Gandhi's philosophies

There have been umpteen movies on partition, on Indian independence and there also have been several movies depicting the lives & ideologies of the great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi. And if that was not enough we had Munnabhai’s version of ‘Gandhigiri’, a lighter take on Mahatma’s philosophies…But they mostly highlighted one-sided aspect. Now, here comes an altogether different take on the gruesome partition, violence & hatred after Independence, a blind fight in the name of religion, caste and racism and most importantly two different contrasting outlooks on Gandhiji’s philosophy of love, peace, tolerance and non-violence. Well, we are talking about upcoming film HAMNE GANDHI KO MAAR DIYA, which deals the same topic in a very disparate manner.

While the second poster was unveiled few days back on the occasion of 70th death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, now the makers have unveiled the first trailer of the film. The trailer shows two completely opposite ideologies, of two strangers who meet in a train journey in the panorama of 28th January 1948, two days prior to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

Amidst the environment of terror, communal riots and fear, on one side there is Kailash (Jatin Goswami), who had lost his everything in the "Action-day" in Calcutta and has a strong belief that Gandhi ji was responsible for the partition of our country. On the other side, Divakar (Subrat Dutta) has his own set of arguments and beliefs in Gandhi ji's philosophy of non-violence, tolerance, and embracing all the religions. But the twist in the tale comes when, events happening during the two days journey have different impacts on these two individuals and reactions to the events by both Kailash and Divakar, forces them to think who is right and who is wrong.

And amidst all this what is interesting is when these two characters reach their respective destination, they get to know that Gandhi ji was assassinated. Gandhi ji’s assassination and events happened after that becomes reflection of the two different ideologies.

Besides a striking concept, HAMNE GANDHI KO MAAR DIYA is laden with some thought-provoking dialogues, viewpoints and realistic situations. Indeed, its gripping and once again triggers our nationalism and the fight that our freedom fighters fought for a free India.

Talking about the inspiration & idea behind this film, writer-director Naeem A Siddiqui says, “While I was celebrating Gandhi ji’s birthday as non- violence day on 2nd October with my friends and family in Lucknow, the same night I saw on television that United Nations too is celebrating Gandhi Ji’s birthday as World Non Violence Day. I got so much touched, inspired and encouraged that I decided that we should do something really big and meaningful for society on 2nd October 2018 which also happens to be Gandhi Ji’s 150th birth anniversary. With this inspiration, I planned and decided to make a film on Gandhi Ji’s philosophy and we made this film by the name HAMNE GANDHI KO MAAR DIYA. The whole objective around this film is to spread a message of non-violence across the world.”

He adds, “Today’s world is exactly replica of the conditions and environment of hate and violence which prevailed in 30th Oct 1948, and led to assassination of the greatest Leader of mankind, Mahatma Gandhi. It was similar conditions during those days what the world is facing today - fear and violence in the name of religion, caste and racism. Through this film I tried to spread a message of importance of Gandhi Ji’s philosophy of Love, peace and tolerance in the world and I want that on 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, every one of us should take an oath that we will not let Gandhi ji’s philosophy die because this is the only philosophy which can fight hate and violence.”

The film stars Jatin Goswami, Subrat Dutta, Samiksha Bhatnagar and Pratima Kannan.