Hansika Motwani, the genius on screen

Eagle Eye By Eagle Eye | 06 Jul 2007 00:00:00 IST

View Hansika Shows 'AKS' To Her Teachers - Picture GalleryHansika Motwani is a genius waiting to explode. Indian cinema is seeing such precocious talent after a very, very long time. The 16-year-old has it in her to go places, provided she gets the right, author-backed roles. This is one girl who can tear into a scene with the ease of a pro. I?d say she can be to Indian cinema what Tendulkar is to Indian cricket. If you want to know what I mean, go and see AAP KAA SURROOR. Yes, watch this girl light up even a mundane scene. She?s ?there? as the camera rolls. She puts in her all ? her expressions, body language and reaction to a situation is what professionals are made of. And her smile? I fear for the likes of the Chopras and Zintas and Dattas who charge a packet, make a loud noise and fail to deliver the goods on screen. Will Bollywood see the shift from actors with good PR skills to actors with talent that light up a screen? Well, I?m waiting for that day and I do know the educated viewers are too. Way to go, Hansika.