Happy Birthday: 6 pics that prove ‘40 is new 20’ for Rani Mukerji!

Age is just a number and it holds true in the gorgeous actor Rani Mukerji’s case.
The pretty petite has carved her mark right from the first film. She is not only a natural actor but even a natural beauty also, who believes to be comfortable in her own skin. Despite not adopting the overt fashionable ways of B-town, which is a crazy fad these days, Rani’s beauty and charm have a different aura. Her dusky complexion and husky voice has been a crowd-puller ever since she stepped in the industry. And indeed she has her own charisma, which is unbeatable.
We call her the hazel-eyed beauty for a reason. Rani's naturally-coloured eyes make her a head-turner and that is her biggest sex appeal, which she is blessed with!
Even after acquiring motherhood, Rani didn’t lose her grace and yet looks like a diva. Even in her comeback time with the upcoming film HICHKI, the bubbly actor appears as though age didn’t touch upon her. Though she is celebrating her 40th birthday today, we feel she is still in her 20s, perhaps we would like to coin a new saying especially for her, that “40s is new 20s” (in her case). Rani may have completed over 20 years in the industry, but it looks like she has just made her start. Well that’s Rani for you now and forever.
As we ring in her 40th birthday, let’s glance at some of her fabulous pics, where Rani totally defies her age and makes us go AWW over her! If you are a true fan of the actor, scroll through her images

Rani Mukerji looked so pretty in pink long kurta teamed with silk skirt and traditional jewelry at her Diwali bash