Happy Birthday: Revisiting 15 various shades of Aamir Khan's career

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan turns 53 today. That Aamir is a versatile actor is something we all know and we have always loved his myriad characters that he has played on screen. In fact he is one star who never repeated himself, thereby not getting stereotyped or trapped in one image.

With every film Aamir has offered us something new, something with which the audiences could connect. Similarly, he has not shied away from working with different type of actors and doing unconventional subjects. While his roles have been raved about, his various looks in different films are also a talking point. Besides, his characters that he portrays on screen, he also strives hard to achieve the desired look and puts all his efforts behind it.

In fact, if we observe clearly then Aamir has been experimental with his looks as much as he experiments with his roles. His looks are a significant part of the character. From going lean to bulking up or putting on weight to growing hairs or even donning a female garb for a sequence in the film or a commercial, Aamir has done it with élan and impressed us. The varied looks that he dons for the film many a times even turned into a trend and guys imitating his style.

So let’s celebrate his birthday by cherishing his different avatars over the years and wish the star a very warm and happening birthday with a gleeful year ahead.

Not many actors have the courage to impersonate a lady on screen. But, Aamir did it with elan. Aamir not only got his body waxed for the look but would also sit through 5 hours of makeup routine.His “pretty” face, cute smile, and heart-thumping sexy dance moves in the song “Dole Dole Dil Dole” an bring a smile on your face even if you watch the song for umpteen times.

Aamir made the soul patch popular with his look in DIL CHAHATA HAI. Aamir’s small under-lip beard also called as soul patch beard or goatee embarked a trend across the nation with every other guy sporting it. This trendy look started by Aamir is famous even today, and youngsters still follow this look.

This Farhan Akhtar film was as urbane and stylish as it could get. As Aakash Malhotra, Aamir was the quintessential upper crust Mumbai boys. And with that started a new trend fof films in Bollywood. In first half of the film, Aamir was seen in tight-fitted tees and half-sleeved shirts teamed with loose, comfortable denims, while in the latter half dressed in suits replete with blazers, Aamir gave a new fashions style for office goers. But what was most distinct about his look was the hairstyle and goatee that he sported. This was the first film that brought to light hairstyles can go a long way in changing and even establishing a character.
Releasing in the same year as DIL CHAHTA HAI, LAGAAN saw Aamir in a completely different avatar. He was seen wearing dhotis teamed with short kurtas or Indian-style vests and a gamcha that he slung around his neck or tied around his head. Not many know that the earnings which Aamir sported in the film belonged to his current wife and the film’s assistant director then, Kiran Rao. His hair was given a messy look and he even sported tanned skin.

The actor sure offered the audience something new – in terms of the film’s content as well as his look. As a sepoy of the East India Company, he was seen mostly in the red-&-golden uniform worn over a dhoti. The other parts of the film saw him wearing dhotis and kurtas, reminiscent of that era. Apparently, before the film’s shoot commenced, Aamir followed a rigorous workout to achieve a burly look for the film. Not just that, he even sported long hair and a thick mustache to make his character look authentic. In fact he didn't even take up films in the interim as he was growing long locks for the film and a thick moustache.


The perfectionist that Aamir is always manages to being something new to his character. He did the same with FANNA too. The film saw him in two different looks. In the first half, he played Rehan Quadri, a local guide in Delhi and was seen wearing shirts tucked out with printed or denim jackets. A muffler and several chains around the neck and longish as an Army officer and was seen in Army uniform. Other that, he was seen in pathani suits and his short hair and stubble only added to the look.


Aamir dressed much like a Delhi youngster in denims, t-shirts teamed with leather or denim jackets. The messy unkempt hair added to charm. Even his lingo and accent was that a typical Delhiite, thereby making it a realistic character. Aamir's style was imitated by many guys.

Aamir played a young, cool, kind, supportive and understanding teacher with his gelled look in the film. Keeping anything formal at bay, he was seen dressed in three-quarter sleeved vests teamed with cargos or denims. TO add to the informal look of the character, he even sported a Mohawk.

Aamir Khan is never worried about experimenting with his looks. Aamir embarked a new trend which no actor dared to attempt before. Aamir’s one-of-a-kind buzz haircut in the film captured everyone’s attention as soon as it was unveiled. Mr. Perfectionist Aamir went almost bald for his movie GHAJINI and showed off his chiselled eight-pack and beefed up look. Aamir almost lived on egg whites for 13 months to get his chiselled look for GHAJINI. The \"perfectionist\" went on a daily four-hour workout regime to boost his muscle growth and consumed protein-rich in albumen (egg white) to tone up his body. He used to follow a two-egg whites and toast meal every two hours. Besides that, he also consumed 250 gram barbecued chicken for lunch and dinner each.

He used to consume food supplements like amino acids and protein shakes after exercises. He had to give up on oil, sugar and alcohol consumption and late night parties as he had to sleep for eight hours at a stretch before workouts.

The actor's much talked about eight-pack abs were not the result of working out in a professional gym but a mini-version of the same built in his garage. Getting the actor to achieve the look was not a cakewalk.

Aamir Khan looked quite cool with a smattering of grey hair in his role as the silent and simmering artist Arun in wifey Kiran Rao's debut directorial DHOBI GHAT. It was for the first time Aamir sported grey hair for his character in his career. The same which he was seen repeating in DANGAL.


Aamir Khan is known for doing things precisely right to the last detail and director Reema Kagti got a taste of his meticulousness while directing him in TALAASH.

In fact Reema Kagti during an interaction revealed that, \"Last January, we did a hair and make-up look test and zeroed in on a moustache for Aamir. Though he has a cute 'chocolate boy' type of face, his character in the film is a man who is going through some intense emotional issues. So we tried to offset his look with a moustache.\"

Aamir took up the challenge so enthusiastically that he grew a moustache longer than the look required. Not only this, but wwe hear, when the the styling team trimmed away some of his facial hair, Aamir suddenly announced that he wanted to sport a fatter moustache. \"We were all surprised as it was way too bushy for a cop. Aamir can be extremely stubborn when he wants to be, so even though I tried everything from gentle persuasion to being blatantly honest, he refused to let us chop any further. He rubbished me and asked me not to try these ‘stunts’ on him. \" said Reema in the interview.

In fact, when Reema asked Kiran Rao, Aamir's wife to help her out, Aamir put his hand on his moustache as he thought someone would sneak up on him and cut it off. However, when Reema called in a cop assigned to his security detail and asked him about the rules for facial hair, it was then after his clarification Aamir gave in and trimmed his moustache. Indeed a tough taskmaster!

Though Aamir Khan just did a cameo by appearing in a special song from DELHI BELLY, but he definitely gained lot of eyeballs for his quirky jazzy look and portrayal in the item song I Hate You Like I Love You'. Regarding his look in the song Aamir had said in one of the interviews, \"I am paying a tribute to those Bollywood legends who had rocked the disco era in the 80s. It is my tribute to Mithunda, Govinda, Amitji, Anilji and Rishiji who were ruling the era. I have copied Amitji's hairstyle, Govinda and Mithunda's dance style. Hair on my chest is from Anilji and the dressing is an amalgamation of all\"

Aamir played a fictitious character called disco fighter. He was seen wearing a jazzy silver suit with a funny layered hairdo and pair of sunglasses in the said song.

His look in the third installment of DHOOM franchsie was little hassle free. However his jaw dropping new appearance won him some hearts and many guys craved to emulate that ultra cool look. Aamir appeared in a lean body frame and sported a stud in the film. The actor donned a hat most of the times in the film and off screen too.


Aamir Khan, the perfectionist, may be picky and has his own terms but here's proof of how exacting he can be - in pursuit of the perfect look for his film PK. As Aamir rejected at least five looks before locking the look with flat hair, popping ears, green lens and less make-up look!From \"boyish\" to \"weird\" to \"warrior\", Aamir tried them all. In fact one hair style was even rejected for not matching his \"skin-tone\". In fact Rajkumar Hirani in one of the interviews even revealed that why he wanted only Aamir for the role. He had said, \"Aamir was right for it because the character we needed was somebody with a baby face, somebody who is childlike and innocent. And Aamir with his ears already popping out and sweet face, he looks quite like a child.\"

Besides, Aamir Khan even created waves and set the internet on fire with netizens buzzing and fans & patrons under shock as he unveiled the first poster of PK which had him posing nude. The full monty poster of Aamir Khan where he is standing on a railway track in the midst of nowhere, hiding his frontal and jewels with a retro transistor. The poster created huge furor around and raised the eyebrows and people widely atlking about it. Indeed whatever Aamir does, does it with panache.

The perfectionist that Aamir Khan is known as underwent for the most dramatic body transformations in his entire career and took a huge risk over his body. Since, the film had two phases and showcased various stages of Mahavir Phogat’s (which Aamir Played) life, the actor had to go buff and fit for one part. He had to gain whooping 28 kilos in five months to play the character. He was 98 kgs when he shot for the film and by his own admission had trouble tying his shoelaces.

The actor did a reverse thing by first shooting for the latter part as he decided to put on weight first and then shed it.. Aamir weighed 98 kgs with 38 percent body fat and then he had to reduce 9 percent body fat within five months. When he started losing weight it was a wrench. As the movie shows it, even the actor was not sure if he could achieve it. But he did achieve it finally. And we all know how DANGAL reaped the fruits of Aamir’s painful and painstaking efforts.

Aamir was seen in an over-the-top colourful look in the film SECRET SUPERSTAR. He sported a handlebar moustache, balbo style beard, heavily gelled with blonde-ish spikes, wearing earrings and golden chains around his neck and gaudy fitted t-shirts, as he played a flamboyant music director Shakti Kumar. Aamir not only carried a loud look but he even made sure to add crazy antics to his character. And once the trailer was out, his appearance & mannerisms totally flabbergasted everyone.

Aamir went for painful transformation for his upcoming film THUGS OF HINDOSTAN for which he pierced his nose and ears, and ever since he has been spotted in this look only wherever the star heads. Aamir is sporting a twirled moustache and he has got multiple piercings in his ears and nose. Moreover he has added rhimmed glasses to complete his look. Besides the film being the biggest collaboration in Indian cinema of Aamir & Big B, patrons are more than eager to witness his look in the film.

THUGS OF HINDOSTAN is being directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and produced by Aditya Chopra under the banner of Yash Raj Films. It is an adaptation of the 1839 novel ‘Confessions of a Thug’. The movie is set in the 18th century and will have pirates in the narrative. He is reportedly playing a pirate in THUGS OF HINDOSTAN and his rough look has already grabbed the eyeballs.