Happy Birthday Shraddha Kapoor: Ringing in with her 6 best romantic songs

Happy Birthday Shraddha Kapoor: Ringing in with her 6 best romantic songs news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 03 Mar 2017 15:16:53.6270000 IST

Actress Shraddha Kapoor turned 30-years-old today and we still can’t assimilate the fact that she is no more in her twenties. The bubbly and ever-so-cute actress instantly made her way into people’s heart by her innocent smile. Off-late she also showed us her singing talent by lending her voice for some of her own songs.

On occasion of her 30th birthday we bring you her 6 romantic tracks that you should definitely listen with your beloved.


This was a song from her second film LUV KA THE END; crooned by Suman Sridhar the track is overtly romantic as it gives us the glimpse into mind of a young girl looking forward to her first date with her beloved.


Tum Hi Ho

This song as well as the film became a turning point in Shraddha’s career. ‘Tum hi Ho’ became a sensation and it is touted to be song of the decade. Its heartfelt lyrics and soulful music made this song bag all the leading awards of that year when the film was released. Arijit Singh became a singing sensation post this song and the guys developed a crush on Shraddha.



Shraddha showed her singing prowess by getting behind the mike for unplugged version of this song. Shraddha gave her fans one more reason to fall in love with her.


Sun Saathiya
(ABCD 2)

Not just only a soulful number this track also became a great dance number as we saw Shraddha grooving on this track gracefully and effortlessly.


Sab Tera

Once again Shraddha showed her singing prowess as she sang this romantic duet. The beautiful track became more touching all thanks to Shraddha’s voice.


The Humma Song

This latest track of Shraddha is not just romantic but highly sensual as well. Shraddha showed her sexy and sultry side by dancing vivaciously on this track along with Aditya Kapur.

We wish this beautiful singer-actress a pleasant and cheerful year ahead.