'Haq Se': The simplicity & innocence of the girls will tug at your heartstrings

ALTBalaji’s web series are one of the most path breaking series of all time now. Since the inception of the web series we have seen some varied topics being covered from matured romance in ‘Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat’, new age romance ‘Dev DD’, ‘Bose Dead/Alive’ which is the story of India's biggest cover-up: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and the mystery of his alleged death or ‘The Test Case’ where the protagonist is preparing to be the first woman test case in a combat role within Indian army.
Now, yet another web series ‘Haq Se’ will be releasing next month. It is produced by Viraj Kapur and Karan Raj Kohli. ‘Haq Se’ stars Rajeev Khandelwal and Surveen Chawla as leads.
The series revolves around four blood-bound sisters with four passionate dreams, all yearning for one thing: fulfillment. It is a modern-day story of dreams, desires, love, war and the eternal pursuit of happiness, set against the breathtaking beauty and unsettling unrest of Kashmir.
The web series is beautifully cinematographed at the locales of Manali, Kashmir and valley of flowers the breath taking beautiful locales is something you will be smitten by in the show. Not every time we see such plush locales that too in web series.
Talking about the storyline, it’s based on a middle class family where there are four girls the eldest one being Surveen, Dr. Meher, followed by Parul Gulati as Jannat Jaan Mirza she is a journalist, while Aanchal who is Banno as musician and the fourth one is cutest of all Nikessha as Amal Mirza. She is funny, youngest of all and speaks wrong English all the time. She wants to pursue acting and the rather serious series has some light moments due to her funny dialogues.
Ruksaar Rehman plays the mother of four; while Simone Singh essays the role of their aunt.
The relationships get knotty when Simone Singh is in love with a politician who is married and becomes the second lady in his life. The series shows how relationships create turmoil in the lives of four of them. At one end, Rabiyat’s husband is at the war front missing safeguarding the future of his family and at other end Fatima is seen having extra marital affair with a politician, who simply uses her. The recuperations of which the young girls have to bear the brunt.
Jannat, who is volatile in nature and is an infuriated girl, goes head to use power of pen as she wrote things about the politician and exposed him which in turn didn’t go well with the family members and Fatima.. However the eldest sister always takes care of the house and is the most sorted one and wants a job to finance her mother.
She meets Rajeev Khandelwal who gives her job merely on her merit but also judges her because of her aunts’ extra martial affair. Talking about the character of Rajeev he has his own past - his wife left and he has a 3-year old daughter and Dr. Meher takes care of her.
While Banno is a budding singer and Jannat’s beau Azi likes her but doesn’t confess her as she is way too out of love and doesn’t show emotions, on the other hand the little girl Banno feels for him and she plays music on his birthday and Azi uploads the video on YouTube and this goes viral.
The young girl from Kashmir becomes a rage and soon she faces repercussions of being a young star and is trolled yet again, volatile Jannat is out there to use the power of pen.
The first five episodes of the series shows the turmoil and twists in girls life and how they fight for their rights, how each one’s life is entangled with each other. It’s a sweet story of how each sister is different and how a simple family in Kashmir is battling in the chaos of politics and media and girls voice wherein they fight for their rights using power of pen to.. YouTube..
A sweet yet heart touching story which will make you smile, laugh, cry and feel for them.
Needless to say each and every actor from Surveen to Ruksar has played their part exceptionally well. The new girls Aanchal and Nikeesha were outstanding.
Surveen and Rajeev’s chemistry can’t be missed as they have unsaid twinkling romance between them.
Ekta Kapoor nails it yet again and the terrific story line will sway your heart with a hard hitting message.