Harshvardhan Kapoor didn’t wanted his film to clash with his father’s film


Harshvardhan Kapoor who is back with his second film Bhavesh Joshi which is a super hero film. Although the film isn’t too much of a sci-fi film its more on reality grounds wherein a person tries to help fight against corruption, a new age film which shows a normal looking Mumbai clad guy helping the city get better.

Although Harsh is one actor who’s choice of film has always been quite different be with MIRZAYA and now BHAVESH JOSHI post which he will be seen in Abhinav Bindra’s biopic.

In conversation with Harshvardhan Kapoor he spoke about his film, choice of roles and why was it okay to clash with VEERE DI WEDDING his sister Sonam’s film and why did MIRZAYA debacle at the box office.

When asked him why was he okay with clashing his film with Sonam’s VEERE DI WEDDING to which he said, “we knew that this is a good date as RACE 3 will release on June 15 and VEERE as well as Bhavesh Joshi have different genre. Both have different audiences.”

Talking about his role he said, “ I play the role of a Mumbai lad boy who is out there to fight corruption and he is quite a relatable person. I liked the role as it wasn’t too over the top or having some super natural powers out of nowhere, he is a very local and day to day character.”

On being asked who would have done this role better had this film been made in 90’s to which Harsh said, “ I feel my dad Anil kapoor would have been the apt person as Bhavesh the character is energetic as well as extrovert my dad possesses same qualities.”

Lastly when asked Harshvardhan what was the cause of MIRZYA’s failure he said, “I think they should have explained the concept as well as given a background not many people are aware of the story, undoubtedly the scale, songs and look of the film was good may be people couldn’t understand the love story.”

Harsh will now be seen in Abhinav Bindra’s biopic along with his father Anil Kapoor.