Has sensuality stopped exciting the audiences?

Download Kis Kis Ki Kismat WallpapersDirector Govind Menon has attributed the failure of KIS KISKI KISMAT to the script and improper direction of the film, besides lack of adequate publicity. "I have a simple analysis for the film's failure. The story did not work and was not up to the mark and the direction was inadequate. The two departments were looked after by me and I accept responsibility for that," Menon revealed. He also held the producer responsible for the poor marketing and pre-release campaign of the film. "It was definitely not up to expectations," he said.

On the other hand the disastrous response to the Mallika Sherawat starrer, KIS KISKI KISMAT at the box-office has led to the contention that sexual overtones in films have stopped exciting the audiences and sex appeal is no guarantee for an encouraging box-office draw. "The failure of the film has proved that sex-based plots don't always work. The film should have ideally done good business since it had major competition and the best of screens due to the pre-Diwali period," says Neeraj Goswami, General Manager (Programming), Shringar Cinemas. Neeraj had booked the film at Fame Adlabs where it has been doing below average business.

Download Kis Kis Ki Kismat WallpapersExhibitor Manoj Desai who had booked the film at Gaiety cinema where the film has been drawing scant audiences from day one feels that an overdose of anything can backfire. "People are wary of seeing Mallika Sherawat and her acts of exposure. The plain and simple truth is that Mallika Sherawat and over-exposure have stopped exciting the audiences. What more of Mallika Sherawat can the audiences see after what they have been repeatedly seeing in film after film?" asks Desai.

However the distributor of the film, Praveen Thakkar, who has to his distinction an enviable track-record of the so-called "bold films" from KHWAISH to TAUBA TAUBA and KIS KISKI KISMAT, which will be followed by B. Subhash's A CLASSIC DANCE OF LOVE, is not discouraged by the failure of the film. Says Thakkar, "I don't think it is an indication that sex has stopped selling at the box-office. Sex has a world-wide appeal and it will always sell provided it is supported by a sensible story."

Download Kis Kis Ki Kismat WallpapersThakkar points out that the sex factor is one of the major considerations besides others that has lead him so far into taking a decision on buying films. "In this case, the film was projected as a comedy but we had confidence in the maker, which is why we opted for the film," he justifies the decision.

Director Karan Razdan who has capitalized on sex to advantage in his films feels that the failure of KIS KISKI KISMAT has only re-endorsed the fact that sex sells and not otherwise. Razdan has an interesting observation about the film's release. "As far as I know the film was projected as a comedy and not one with passionate and sensuous scenes, which the audiences were looking forward to seeing from Mallika Sherawat. The promos gave the impression that the audiences would be left to watch Dharmendra's jokes on screen instead of Mallika's sensuality," says Razdan.

Download Kis Kis Ki Kismat WallpapersAccording to Razdan, the sensuality element in a film can make a big difference to its draw if it is reflected in the promos. "It gives an added value to a film with newcomers," he says.

It is director Govind Menon who has the last word. "I don't see the failure of the film as a pointer that sex has stopped selling. On the contrary, I am told that the film did not do well because it was lacking in sexuality and exposure, apart from the fact that it had an actress who was known for her sensuality. There were people in the trade who called me and said that I should have made a film with a lot of sensuality instead of concentrating it on comedy."

Menon feels that sex backed by promising content value can bring an excellent draw for a film. "Both sex and violence sells in films. Sexuality has also been a major element in big films. That's the reason why BASIC INSTINCT has been re-released to cash on the audience demand. Let's not forget that the Indian psyche has undergone a change. We are getting globalized, with women now defining their own sexual needs and live-in relationships becoming the order of the day," he quips.