FYI TV18 takes you on a romantic journey, with LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT


FYI TV18 puts your love to test, with its new show. We’ve all heard of 'Love at first sight', but have you heard of 'Love at first flight'? FYI TV18 welcomes you aboard on a flight to embark on a romantic journey of surprises. 'Love At First Flight' premiering on, 20th October, 2018, will fly you in style to fun-filled destinations and romantic adventures like you've never imagined!

Nothing tests a budding relationship like travel and the series takes it a step further, matching new couples to embark on a dreamy but nerve-wracking journey across North America.

The dating show introduces the couples for the first time in New York, after which the couples criss-cross the country towards Los Angeles, as their compatibility is tested not only by the unpredictable pressures of travel but also by a series of uniquely crafted travel-based challenges, adventures and times of adversity, with the chance of getting married at the end of their journey.

It's said that if you travel with someone and fall in love by the time you return home, you should marry them on the spot. Well, the show is going to put that to the test!

Will these couples find love? Find out by watching 'Love at First Flight'.