Health scare has made Simon Cowell fit, fun

Simon Cowell (Pic. Courtesy:

Reality TV show judge-producer Simon Cowell says his life became less about work since fainting and falling down the stairs last year.

"It has changed me. The crazy late nights working, (now) no more late nights – and I'm getting up earlier," Cowell told

"I feel a million times better, genuinely. You reach a point and you go, 'What's all this for?' You don't want to kill yourself working," added "The X Factor" producer.

Cowell had to miss "The X Factor" live shows after the collapse in October in 2017. He had said it was caused by low blood pressure.

He also revealed that the shock caused him to cut down on cigarettes, head to bed earlier and spend time exercising with his four-year-old son Eric.

"I want to see life through Eric's eyes and I am going to live forever now," added Cowell.

He claimed that the fall was a "wake-up" call and thanked National Health Service (NHS) for saving his life.