Hema Malini joins BJP, hubby Dharmendra in line

It's a collector's edition, with more than 500 rare photographs, on the life of one of Bollywood's most enduring actresses - "dream girl" Hema Malini.

Download Baghban WallpapersTitled "Hema Malini - Diva Unveiled", the book has been written by Ram Kamal Mukherjee. Not only is it the author's debut book but it is also the first ever book on the actress.

The pictures in the book include unpublished photographs of Hema's childhood, her first working still with Raj Kapoor in "Sapnon Ka Saudagar", elder daughter Esha's naming ceremony, Hema and Dharmendra's rare photographs, Sunny Deol's photographs with Hema's daughters and an exclusive letter of Hema written to her daughter in 1983.

"Diva Unveiled" also includes film posters of Hema Malini since 1970.

Amitabh Bachchan has written the introduction of this book. "Hema Malini's life is not just about films, stage, politics and glamour, she is a complete woman, an achiever in the truest sense of the term. This is certainly a complete book on Hema Malini," he writes.

The book was released here by National Award winning actress Tabu and veteran director Ramesh Sippy.

Sippy reminisced about the beginning of his association with the actress, "I thought of signing Nutan in my film 'Andaz', but after I saw Hemaji's photograph, I thought that she could be the one and only innocent face of a widow in my film."

Said her daughter Esha: "She is a super mom. I think my mother deserves to be written about. I appreciate the endeavour of Ram Kamal for bringing out a book on her."

Hema's cousin and actress Madhoo revealed that she initially admired Hema as an actress and much later she realised that Hema was also a nice human being.

"As a kid I thought that she was always aloof from us. We were never allowed to call her 'didi', she would ask us to address her as 'Hemu'. I felt that she was proud and arrogant. But later when I grew up, I realised that she is a far better human being, and I look up to her as my role model."

Hema said: "I know Ram since he was a youngster. I thought that he is just another fan. But gradually I realised that he has become a journalist and used to often take my interviews in Kolkata.

"Just two years ago, he came to Mumbai and joined a prestigious film magazine as its correspondent and I was extremely happy about it. He has a habit of surprising people; so on my birthday last year he revealed that he has written a book on me. I was shocked. How can he write a book on me? But now after looking at the book and his effort, I think he has done a fantastic job and I thank him for giving me a shelf life. Warna actresses toh bahut hain (otherwise, there are plenty of actresses)... people hardly think of writing a book on a celebrity."