Kapil Sharma spills the beans on his late marriage

Kapil Sharma

The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony Entertainment Television has won millions of heart across the country. The king of comedy, Kapil Sharma struggled a lot to make his stand in the industry and not only make a stand, but he made sure that he stands out amongst the crowd and is known for his art and skills.

It is very difficult to opt for a secondary career and not the long-drawn mainstream career like being a doctor or an engineer. Being an artist, takes a lot of courage especially when someone plans a career out of it. Kapil Sharma, despite being the king of comedy today, also had to face a lot of troubles to make a standing in the society and earn out of his talent. On the Holi special episode, with the three hasya-kavis on stage- Anjum Rahbar, Arun Gemini and Pradeep Chaube, Kapil shared some of his real life stories along with some of the hilarious incidents that the three poets shared. While talking to the artists, he mentions a truth about his life telling the audience why he married late despite people telling him to marry soon. He mentions “Whenever I used to go to see a girl, her parents asked me about my career to which I reverted saying that I am a comedian. I have always got weird replies like, ‘being a comedian is fine, but what do you do to earn money?’ And this was the reason I have always been rejected for marriages as everybody thought this art of mine cannot make me earn bread and butter for my family.” Listening to this incident, Arun Gemini hilariously added “Even my mother-in-law till date asks me what to tell her relatives about my career. She still cannot digest the fact that his son-in-law earns through his mere art of poetry writing.”

No work is small or big and there in nothing bigger than making anybody laugh and keeping your audience happy. Let people follow their passion and make the best out of what they have the best in them is what this weekend’s episode of The Kapil Sharma Show is all about.