Here's secret behind Farah Khan's new slim look!

Here's secret behind Farah Khan's new slim look! news
Ruchita Mishra By Ruchita Mishra | 27 Feb 2017 12:49:52.0430000 IST

The country’s most successful female director and choreographer, Farah Khan is loved for her films and of course her witty one liners.


She is currently seen judging Indian idol and her weight and slim looks are talk of the town!

Well, we are aware, she has a loving husband Shirish who keeps pampering her lady love, but did you know guys that Farah also loves to pamper herself.

Well Farah, gifted herself a retreat to a 5 star spa in Austria in 2014 and ever since has been visiting the detox center every year.

Talking about this tradition says, Farah, ”I am an older mum to three kids who turned nine this year. I need the energy to keep up with them. I want to have healthy years on me so I get more time with them. Since then, I've been going there every year for six days.”

Everyone can’t help but rave about Farah’s new look on a popular singing reality show and the director-choreographer credits the new team she has on board, from a personal trainer, to ace stylist Ami Patel.

Adds Farah, “The compliments motivate me. I was tired of wearing long, slimming kurtas. Once you are a smaller size, it's easier to get good, ready-to-wear outfits. Though shedding weight is a struggle, looking and feeling great is the reward as is pulling off sarees and dresses for my TV turn.”

Isn’t she looking a cool mum?