Here's when complete music album of JAGGA JASOOS will be out

Here's when complete music album of JAGGA JASOOS will be out news
img By Glamsham Editorial | 14 Jul 2017 11:45:29.0330000 IST

Anurag Basu’s JAGGA JASOOS has released today but its complete music album is still not out and we will tell you why.

Since majority of the songs in the album are actually the dialogues/ story of the film in sing song manner hence the makers decided to release the album only after a week post the film’s release or else it will turn out to be spoiler.


Explaining the reason behind this, the film's composer Pritam says, "JAGGA JASOOS is a very special film and its music album has only 5 straight songs. The rest of the album contains almost 20 songs which are a part of the film's story told in a sing song manner, and to release those 20 songs would reveal the complete content of the film."

He further elaborated, "So it was decided that unlike other films, the music album of JAGGA JASOOS will only be available after the film's release. Once people have watched the film, they can understand the context of the songs without taking away from the story of the film. After the release of the movie, the audience can witness the visuals of this musical!"

So if you are trying to get hold of this film’s music album you will have to wait for one more week. Till then stay tuned for more updates.