Here's why SRK really 'performed' well at Dubai

Here's why SRK really 'performed' well at Dubai news
img By Pooja Sharma | 06 Jun 2017 18:52:47.1400000 IST

If you get stuck in a middle of a dessert and a wild animal approaches you what will be your reaction? Naturally you will be terrorized and panic for your life.

But when our Badshah gets caught in similar situation then he doesn’t panic in fact he tries rescuing his female companion and others stuck in the same situation like a true blue hero.

Another funny thing about the makers of this video is that earlier they released the video highlighting how SRK got furious on the host. But if you observe the video closely then it’s very clearly evident that with so many camera angles the video was staged and naturally SRK must have been aware of the nature of the show.

Also the way the host was laughing when SRK mistakenly ends up throwing some sand on himself tells clearly that how the entire thing was scripted as in such situation no sane person would ever laugh at a star on right his face.

The way host Rameez was trying to convince and apologize to the star was also very fake and funny.

It was only later that the manager of SRK revealed that his reaction was staged but isn’t it clearly obvious from the way the video was shot and SRK’s ‘perfect’ performance in it that the entire thing is scripted!

We wonder why the makers of this video thought of promoting this prank video with such amusing story.