Here's why the second trailer of JOLLY LLB 2 should have been its first

Here's why the second trailer of JOLLY LLB 2 should have been its first news
Pooja Sharma By Pooja Sharma | 23 Jan 2017 15:52:32.8400000 IST

The makers of JOLLY LLB 2 have released its second trailer and we tell you why it should have been its first.

First of all the second trailer helps reinstate the fact that it is the sequel of national award winning film JOLLY LLB.

Unlike the first trailer which sort of focused on the comic side of Jolly LLB Akshay Kumar, in the second trailer we get to see his serious side. Both Annu Kapoor and Akshay Kumar are seen mouthing some of the most hard-hitting dialogues in the film.

The trailer gives us an insight of the pathetic condition of law in our country as it tells us how in the country of India we have just hand full of judges to take care of ever increasing files of pending cases.

Akshay as a lawyer is seen trying his best so that justice gets delivered. The second trailer also successfully drives home the point that how corrupt and powerful people are misusing law to fulfill their ulterior motives.

This trailer is more impactful and gripping and hence it should have been the film’s first trailer. The first trailer established the fact that the sequel is more of a commercial Bollywood flick while the second trailer stays true to the soul of its prequel.

Though the filmmaker states that this film is based on true events we truly wonder what was the need of adding romantic angle and typical dance sequence in the film at all.